History of Blackhill Spiritualist Church1920
  The church first started as house meeting. Founder members David Surtees NicholsonAnthony Lowson William Surtees Nicholson Mrs Maud Askew Miss Nugent.
1921  The Temperance Hall Blackhill was hired for all day Sunday and occasional special meetings.Healing was held 9.30am and 12noon. The Lyceum was held in the afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.In the evening between 6pm and 8pm a Divine Services was held.The church was known as Blackhill Spiritual Thought Society.
 1923  The first Christening service was held, naming Isabella Nicholson, who later became Mrs Isabella Whales,and vice president over many years of the history of the church.
1929 A deposit was placed for the North East brewery bottling store, which became the present church building.The name of the church was change to from Blackhill Spiritual Thought Society
Blackhill Spiritualist Church. 
1931 The first marriage service to be held was between Mr Robert Turnbull & Miss Mary Askew
Who were later to become President and Secretary respectively.  
1962 Extensive alteration was carried out on the church building.
A Rededication Service was held and conducted by
Mrs Menzies
From Edinburgh. 
1966 The church was put in sole trust with the Spiritualist National Union

Presidents of Blackhill Spiritualist S.N.U Church
1921 – 1933 David Surtees Nicholson
1933 – 1939 Hannah Haley
1939 – 1956 William Surtees Nicholson
1956 – 1985 Robert Turnbull
1985 – 1998 Kenneth Armstrong
1998 – 1999 Carol Brown
1999 – 2001 Marguertie Davies
2001 – 2005 Marion Eddy
2005 – Present Irene Farrell  

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